U-M Human Genetics Ph.D. Program Alumni

Title Year Thesis Mentor
Amelia Alessi 2015 Regulation of the microRNA-Induced Silencing Complex in C. elegans Kim
Jacob Higgins 2015 Context-Dependent Interaction of the Androgen Receptor with Oncogenic Pathways Common to Prostate Cancer Robins
Yu-yu Ren 2015 Multi-Omics Analysis of a Rat Model of Aerobic Exercise Capacity and Metabolic Fitness Li
Allison Richards 2015 Cis Regulation of RNA Editing in Human Cheung
Danny Yang 2015 RNA- and Chromatin-binding Proteins in Small RNA-mediated Gene Silencing Kim
Lesley Everett 2014 Characterization of the Function of the LMAN1 ER Cargo Receptor in vivo Ginsburg
Hande Kocak 2014 Functional Analysis of ACD Mutations in Dyskeratosis Congenita Keegan
Serina Mazzoni 2014 A role for AXIN2 in oncogenesis Fearon
Cheryl Jacobs Smith 2014 Mechanisms in Suppressing Chromosomal Translocations and Maintaining Genome Stability Sekiguchi
Allison Billi 2013 Biogenesis and Stability of Germline Small RNAs in C. elegans Kim
Tehmina Masud 2013 Aberrant V(D)J Recombination: Misrepair of DNA Breaks and Implications for Lymphomagenesis Sekiguchi
Janelle O'Brien 2013 Regulation and Mutation of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.6 (SCN8A) Meisler
Sandra Richardson 2013 A Mechanistic Examination of APOBEC3-Mediated LINE-1 Inhibition Moran
Valerie Schaibley 2013 Understanding the Patterns and Consequences of Single-Nucleotide Mutations in the Human Genome Using High-Throughput Sequencing Li
Kaanan Shah 2013 Finding the Missing Heritability: Gene Mapping Strategies for Complex Pedigrees Douglas