Stephanie Bielas, Ph.D.

Stephanie Bielas

Assistant Professor of Human Genetics

3703 MS II
Ann Arbor
Staff Support: 
Sue Kellogg
Research Interests: 

Stephanie Bielas joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in September, 2012. Dr. Bielas received her BS in Biology from Andrews University in Michigan, and her PhD in Neurobiology at the School of Medicine, University of California San Diego. She performed her doctoral research in the laboratory of Joseph Gleeson. She stayed on in the Gleeson lab for her post-doctoral studies, and redirected her focus to the molecular genetics and pathogenesis of human disease. Dr. Bielas is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including an A.P. Giannini Foundation Fellowship and an NIH Pathway to Independence (K99/R00) Award from the National Institute of Child Health and Development. Her current research focus is the genetic basis of brain malformations and intellectual disability.