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The University of Michigan Genetic Counseling Program is one of the most well established programs in the country and exemplifies our long history of innovation in clinical services and education in Human Genetics –
hallmarks of the University of Michigan medical community. Michigan graduates emerge as extremely well rounded genetic counselors, who are ready to meet the current challenges in clinical genomic medicine and are able to help guide the evolving practice of genetic counseling and genomic medicine.

The University of Michigan Genetic Counseling Program provides an individualized, integrated and supportive graduate training environment composed of:

  • A comprehensive and rigorous academic curriculum
  • Diverse clinical experiences
  • A broad spectrum of research opportunities that supports the development of genetic counseling clinical scholars.

Most importantly, our graduate training program is responsive to the interests and unique needs of individual students.

For more information about the U-M Genetic Counseling Program see our 2016 Program Prospectus.

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